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Your Guardian Angel by Dakota-Sunset Your Guardian Angel :icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 1 0
The Monster I Hide Under My Bed
This overwhelming energy
It makes my heart be still.
These horrible thoughts crowding my mind
Swiftly, destroy my will
To breathe each day. To stay awake
It begins to hurt me so.
I'm moving towards insanity,
More than they'll ever know.
The tinge my friend leaves upon my flesh
Is paradise, compared.
Though the light is there, but brief,
Within the darkness, I'm ensnared.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 1 0
Wilted Heart
My beating heart is wilted now
With no where left to run.
No escape, no way, no how
Though the pain weighs a tonne
The hurt gathers in my eyes
And runs a path below.
When they fall the message cries
Why am I so hollow?
Not many notice as they pass
The pulsing pain which curves to trace.
My heart, not caring, lets them trespass.
I no longer know my own face.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 2 0
No Words
There are no words to elaborate
To explain this pain, to explain this hate
Against myself and I alone
Have lost the fight. I'm on my own.
To live and to love is to know the pain,
The pain that arrives as steady as rain.
Now insanity rings, straight through my mind.
I've lost myself, so far behind.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 4 0
Don't You Worry Your Pretty Little Mind by Dakota-Sunset Don't You Worry Your Pretty Little Mind :icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 3 0 Looking Up by Dakota-Sunset Looking Up :icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 6 0 Good Night by Dakota-Sunset Good Night :icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 2 0 Across Open Waters by Dakota-Sunset Across Open Waters :icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 5 0
Giggle giggle
Laugh laugh laugh
Which corner is it coming from
From within this class?
Two people look between them
And the girl is what they see
The girl, the cause of the giggling
Oh! I didn't notice it was me
Happiness pours upon my cheeks
Butterflies tickle my tummy
I feel my face stretch a wide, wide grin
My hands start shaking numbly
Heart is racing
Mind starts pacing
I'm lost in thought
My tongue is caught
What the hell has happened to me?
I'm not usually like this, I swear.
However, I am not complaining
Because I think I'm finally aware.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 0 5
I write and try to empty my pain
On paper; But failed and now it's left vain
No one can see
What it was meant to be
And they are left blind once again.
Energy wasted trying to free
My heart from it's chains; It's own personal boundary.
I can not explain
What's barely keeping me sane
This world is treating me cruelly.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 2 4
Most may not understand
And it's only natural that they feel that way
But still I need to explain myself before they brand
A name, undeserved, before I can say.
It's a way to set my body free
From the stress I possess, that no one can see.
They see  the happiness I'm forced to perform
But that is the calm before the storm.
Many think this is a cry for attention
But it's more like my daily cigarette
It relieves stress and mends what was broken
It messages my emotions to reset
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 3 0
Back To Who We Were
There were times you put me in misery
And times you made me mad.
Now looking back I am so glad
That you and I are history.
Your name now leaves a bad taste on my lips
And the thought of you makes me sick.
How did I not see you were a prick?
You  put me through such hardships.
I hate you so for hurting me
When I wanted  nothing more than to care for you.
Looking back at what we used to be
It kills to think you are someone I knew.
See, through all the memories we shared
I wish we were who we used to be
Because back then I know we cared
And back then, we were so happy.
To look at everything once again
And how we both had grown
Apart. It tears to pieces my heart
How I can't even pick up the phone.
There's still a feeling in my gut
That makes me sick inside
It makes me nostalgic and happy but
Also makes me feel like I've died.
It hurts to think after all this time
I still might care for you
I thought I let go, I thought I've moved on.
It hurts even more to think I always
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 2 0
Remember to Forget Me
We had once been everything
A love that was cradled with care
Years later on, what was there, is now gone
And now nothing is left there.
To you I am useless. Nothing, without purpose.
And it feels like only yesterday I heard the
"You're beautiful"'s when it was meaningless.
Afterall we've said, the conversations now dead,
I have but one request,
Before I'm left to drown in my lonliness.
I want you to burn the photographs,
The cards, the letters, and every memory that you can see
I want you to forget my kiss but above all
Please, remember to forget me.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 3 2
Love - An Epitaph
Here lies the remains
Of what was left behind;
The broken heart of a loveless lie,
Someone left to die.
Here lies what had waited.
For someone who wasn't there.
For the same love returned, had expected, and yearned
And was broken beyond repair.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 3 5
So Far Apart
We kiss and hold each other tight
We laugh and treat each other right
So why do I feel more empty tonight
When to you my love I did recite?
So close we are, I hear your heart
Yet my own, you did outsmart
You left me here with my feelings swart
So close we are, yet so far apart.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 8 0
Smile though your heart is broken
And prove to them  you are strong
Keep your head up , facing the sun
And tell them they are wrong.
We are special, we will be loved
You just weren't the right person to,
You're missing out because we are beautiful
Sure as hell sucks to be you.
Tell us we're not complete or worth anything
Without you by our side
And you're the best thing that's happened to us
Oh how you said such lies.
We might be over but my heart's still mine
And I'll always consent when my smile wants to shine
Because although I did care, I am moving on
And this just proves that your battle's not won.
:icondakota-sunset:Dakota-Sunset 9 2
My poetry and photography....


Where life starts. .. by light-from-Emirates Where life starts. .. :iconlight-from-emirates:light-from-Emirates 151 6 RO2 Priest by paikuu RO2 Priest :iconpaikuu:paikuu 5 2 Right Action by Callesto Right Action :iconcallesto:Callesto 105 12 Don't Touch That! by nippy1072 Don't Touch That! :iconnippy1072:nippy1072 4 0 Josh Ramsay Pop Art by nippy1072 Josh Ramsay Pop Art :iconnippy1072:nippy1072 8 2 Patronus by Husgryph Patronus :iconhusgryph:Husgryph 63 57 Dollicious sweet cover by meago Dollicious sweet cover :iconmeago:meago 5,421 205 Manipulator by NanFe Manipulator :iconnanfe:NanFe 3,399 72 Art Trade - Mayrl by paikuu Art Trade - Mayrl :iconpaikuu:paikuu 6 2 My Girls - Animeversion by RedPassion My Girls - Animeversion :iconredpassion:RedPassion 188 68


Hellooo Everybody! :)

So it feels like it's been close to forever since I've written a journal but I thought considering this is my favorite season, I should. To update on what's been going on, in June I graduated high school and decided to take a year off to figure out what I want with this life. I moved cities in September however certain things didn't pan out very well so as of December 2nd I moved back home. Right now I'm piecing back together my social life and it's going really great. I am currently unemployed but am going to start looking for a job in the new year. Also, after this coming June and my friend Zoe graduates I will be moving into an apartment with her :) So life isn't exactly as I want it but it's pretty fantastic.

As for today, I opened presents this morning with my family and had my second turkey dinner with my mom, grandmother, brother and his friend. I said second - yesterday I had my first dinner with my entire family (mom, mom's fiancee, nana, two brothers, and sister-in-law).

Two days ago I got to see one of my best friends in the entire world whom I haven't seen, in person, since August. Steph and I had a blast being together and we got to exchange gifts which was really cool and I miss her already.

So I really don't have much else to say other than MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D
  • Listening to: Since You\'ve Been Gone - Pitch Perfect Cast
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: Air~

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